Womb Matter

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Maybe this is just me but I had to do a lot of learning first, about my body, my cycle, the science etc before I felt empowered about #tryingtoconceive

I do believe that being informed is an individual responsibility however, there are SO many misconceptions out there and just general misinformation. I remember showing my husband a video of how&when conception occurs and he was so wowed by it and I realised then the importance of KNOWING. My body, my cycle, observing the regular and not so regular symptoms, just a general knowing of mine & my husband’s fertility/health. While we haven’t been successful yet, we have learnt SO much and on most days feel empowered about our efforts. This personally helps me keep my head above the water and keeps me from biting people’s heads off when they say insensitive things because I KNOW that I am doing what I physically can, the rest is up to fate/nature/science/God or whatever you believe in.

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